My animation for several scenes in the ARTE science series: 42 
Episode: The Answer to Almost Everything
animation for ARTE science series 42

What would we be without mucus? Can we live on water? How much does life weigh? Finding out the answers is the aim of ARTE's new science show produced by the Berlin production company MobyDok.

Studio monströös designs and produces animation sequences for the series.

The music used in this clip is the song "Dinner Party by our composer Matija Strnisa.
Check his Spotify:

Among others we have animated the following episodes:

Does the perfect song exist?
Animation: Ana Angel, Holger Bück

Are we alone in the universe?
Animation: Holger Bück, Felix Reijmers, Rike Rothe

Can mRNS vaccines cure cancer?
Animation: Bela Unclecat, Holger Bück, Rike Rothe
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